Profesional Painting Services

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Painting Services

Interior Painting

As Long Island painters Ghassan’s can handle all of your interior painting demands. From kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, we can provide the expertise for both small and large-scale jobs. Your project is handled with seamless care, from the moment we enter your property through completion. We make sure to remove all heavy items, protect your floors, provide expert painting, and clean up your property to its original state.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home should reflect the interior beauty and style of your residence. There are a number of exterior painting services that we can provide to you. At Ghassan’s our experts are here to help make your decisions and painting solutions are seamless. We can help you choose colors palettes, assess detailing, prep your home for painting, clean all surfaces, and repair any damages you might have. For residential painting services house painters on Long Island Ghassan Painting

Faux Finish

Are you looking to implement a beautiful and unique aesthetic element in your home? Faux finish painting might be the right solution for you. Faux finish painting can be executed in a number of different ways and styles, in order to achieve various looks. Whether you want a metallic finish, a quartz stone finish, or artisan finish, our expert painters can help you decide what the best style for your room will be.

Custom Spraying

At Ghassan’s, we offer a wide range of custom spray painting services to our clients, making use of conventional spray painting techniques. With a versatile array of liquid coatings, we can apply aesthetic elements to your walls as well as protective coatings that contain metal and plastic elements.


Finish your new wood doors, walls, any other surfaces with immaculate staining. Ghassan’s takes pride in the painting we provide to our clients, which is why we always reinforce our craftsmanship with expert staining. We stain wood to highlight grains and add depth to the surface, finishing in oil-based polyurethane or other shellac-based products. We can custom stain to match various surfaces and items in your home, bringing that final richness to your room.

Trim Work

Choosing a paint color for your walls is often a challenge, not to mention choosing the color for your trim. Ghassan’s can help you out with the perfect solution for your trim, whether it’s for your walls, doors, kitchen, or bathroom. After we establish the kind of aesthetic you are looking to achieve, we can help you choose a palette that will perfectly execute the style of your décor and bring a refined look to full circle.

Wall Prep and Wall Repair

From stress cracks, water damage, wall resurfacing, and plaster repair, we have all of the wall prep and wall repair solutions you might need. Ghassan’s specializes in all things painting and wall covering, including small and large scale repairs. If you want your home to withstand its integrity, and eventually execute painting, you will need to ensure that your walls are primed and without blemishes, markings, or other compromising challenges.

Odorless/Bio-degradable Paint

In addition to providing expert painting and staining services, we’re also dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions to our customers. Ghassan’s offers odorless and bio-degradable paints that guarantee easy clean-up and are manufactured for your safety.

Wallpaper Services

Wallpaper Removal

While it can often be a tedious job, wallpaper removal doesn’t have to be. Ghassan’s can ensure that your wallpaper removal process is seamless, after examining the kind of wallpaper and wall type that your residence possesses. Using an incorrect technique while removing wallpaper can often damage the walls. Ghassan’s will make sure that the proper technique is in place, clearing all of the debris, patching, sanding, or any other necessary service to prime your walls for the next step.

Historical Reproduction and Retro Styles

Are you looking to provide your walls with a unique retro style or historical reproduction? We can provide a beautiful array of unique and high quality wallpapers for all areas of your home. Whether you’re looking for a muted 60’s retro feel or a Renaissance style, we can help you out with a variety of fascinating designs to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Set up a free estimate for wallpaper installations on Long Island.

Handprints and Untrimmed Papers

Handprints and untrimmed papers are specialty wallpapers that add an exciting and unique touch to your home. Installing wallpaper is a tricky feat and can often become an eyesore if not meticulously executed. Our craftsmen are here to ensure seamless installation of your handprints and untrimmed papers, guaranteeing your satisfaction and long-term integrity.

Grasscloth and Weaves

Grasscloth and Weave are other wonderful wallpaper solutions for your home, depending on your aesthetic. From natural pattern wallpapers, cork, grass, seashells, paper weaves, rice paper wall coverings, and much more, these wallpapers deliver a specific kind of ambience to a room that generally elicits a natural style.

Silk Fabrics and Leather

Silk fabrics and leather wallpapers are available at Ghassan’s, offering up a level of elegance and refinement that is not traditionally seen in homes. These kinds of wallpapers come in a variety of patterns and colors, which will accommodate all tastes and styles.

Wood Wall Covering

Ghassan’s offers expert wood wall covering services, backed by the skill of our team of contractors. There are a variety of different styles, woods, and finishes to choose from, and our dedicated team will be happy to walk you through all of the options in selecting the best choice for your home.

Wall Art Murals

Murals have become increasingly popular for wall art. Whether you’re looking to adorn your kitchen walls with the charm of an Italian village, or create a French oasis in your living room, the possibilities are infinite. Choosing a wall art mural that best compliments the style of your home might be overwhelming, but our craftsmen will help you come up with the best plan for your style and budget.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is a very unique and sophisticated look when executed well. Thanks to our skilled craftsmen, we can create a wall finish that will generate the illusion of depth and texture. Venetian plaster is versatile, since it can be implemented in a number of different colors with marble dust, delivering an always ethereal finish every time.